Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Palm Springs ShortFest 2010 Intro - Animation Reel

Last year, I animated on Andrew Chesworth's Palm Springs ShortFest Intro, produced at MAKE.

First, Andrew would do an initial rough pass of the shot, including some finished key drawings of the characters. I would animate the shot based on these roughs and specific direction from Andrew regarding the movement and acting choices he wanted to see.

This is a reel of the shots I animated. I included three progressions of each shot. The first showing Andrew's keys and rough animation, followed by my full animation, and finally the colored and shaded versions as they appear in the final short.

Here you can enjoy the full piece.

In addition to animating on the project, I also designed and drew background layouts for the scenes taking place in the Projector Room. The final drawings were then handed off to fellow cohort Ben Bury to be painted.


  1. My favorite is when the femme fatale closes the door with her foot! so much personality and ingenuity in so few frames

  2. I love your linework in those backgrounds. My favorite detail is the slightly lopsided door handle that looks like the Alice in Wonderland doorknob.

  3. awesome man! everytime you guys post these it's like dissecting the film :D

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Amir: That was a fun scene to animate. There was a lot of collaboration with Andrew on that one, particularly on Femme's performance. I am fond of the stretch frames. :)

  5. Hey Justin, you forgot the "Good thing I called the... Good thing I called the... Good thing I called the..." scene, because you cleaned up Johnny. Also, remember we used to refer to your scenes as the "Circus of Subtlety", because all the little eye darts and head movements were synced up to the voice-over audio.